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union pacific jobs
Author: Mensah Alkebu-Lan

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Discussion #

If you visit any number of job posting sites, you’ll be able to search for jobs posted by Union Pacific (UNP). Some of you may remember their 3,000 employee layoff announcement to begin 2020, so it’s hard to deny it’s a positive indicator for the United States economy. The wages for these roles start out at $25 an hour.

Some of you may have noticed the Union Pacific Corporation stock essentially rose from the dead in October. I didn't want to speak on it then because I wanted to see if it was for real, and now it looks like it is.

As you might imagine Union Pacific has an extensive history we might go into another day. I guess the big thing right now is the fact they have been hiring folks, and that's a good thing for obvious reasons. I have to give some credit to Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz for the company’s current strength.

How would this Fit in your Portfolio #

I see this type of investment fitting in one of two places. Either a generic transportation strategy or a global infrastructure strategy.

With infrastructure strategies, you just may want to check the fossil fuel involvement just to make sure you're comfortable with it. With transportation strategies, just be mindful of the fact that some transportation companies do deportations for the government, so some of you may be sensitive to that. An example would be a company like Air Transport Services Group.

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References #

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