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Article: Imam Yahya Abdullah Begins 2-Part Juma Series on Tawhid

Friday, March 12, 2022, Jacksonville Imam Yahya Abdullah began a 2-part Juma series on the concept of Tawhid (Arabic for oneness and unity of G-d).



Table of Contents #

112th Chapter as One-Third of Quran #

Last Friday, March 12, 2022, Jacksonville Imam Yahya Abdullah began a 2-part Juma series on the concept of Tawhid (Arabic for oneness and unity of G-d). It is an incredibly important concept in the religion of Al-Islam that Muslims take pride in never compromising on. According to Al-Islamic belief, it is a concept Prophet Muhammad, the prayers and peace be upon him, spent the majority of his prophetic mission (approx. 23 years) teaching.

This concept has not only found a place in the conversations of Muslims but also those of other faiths living in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, and here in the United States. You’ll find it in a French dictionary and in the encyclopedia Britannica.

This is not surprising for people who have some knowledge of religion, since, as The Imam pointed out, there is support for the concept of Tawhid in both the Old and New Testaments. He skillfully points out that you'll find support for it in Deuteronomy, Chapter 6, Verse 14 and Mark, Chapter 12, Verse 29. The Imam points out further, in referring to the United States, “This is a nation where the majority of the people believe in one G-d.

Additional Support in The Quran for the Concept of Tawhid #

It is natural to refer to the 112th chapter of The Quran when teaching the concept of Tawhid. The name of this chapter is generally translated as “Purity of Faith.” This chapter asserts the existence of a single and absolute truth or reality that transcends the world and all creation. The Imam made this chapter the focus of the Juma. He havigated its four verses for the audience– providing commentary on each one.

As was shown in the Imam’s khutbah (Juma lecture), a presentation on Tawhid drawing from the 112th chapter of The Qur’an only is complete. Teachers of this concept can find references in many other parts of The Quran as well. For example, you may also hear the terms Tawhid ar-Rouboubiyah (Oneness of Lordship), Tawhid al-Asma was-Sifate (Oneness of His Attributes and Names), and Tawhid al-’Ibada (Oneness of Worship) as well. Teachers find support for these concepts in Quran verses such as 29:61, 48:6, and 6:162 respectively.

For example, with respect to Oneness of Lordship, 29:61 begins by saying, “wala-in sa-alltahum man khalaqas-samawati wal-arda wa sakharash-shamsa wal-qamara layaqulunnal lahu …” The meaning here is translated as “And if you ask them, ‘Who created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon?’ Surely they would say ‘G-d.’”

And with respect to Oneness of Worship, 6:162 says, “qul inna salati wanusuki wamahyaya wamamati lillahi rabbil-alamina.” The meaning here is translated as ”Say, ‘Indeed, my ritual prayer, my acts of worship, my living and my dying are for G-d, the Guardian Evolver of all the systems of knowledge.’”

In Conclusion #

In conclusion, under Tawhid, there are many other sub-topics that could be expounded upon. For example, Muslims are often taught Tawhid involves, among other things, the desire to return to his Lord (rencontrer son Seigneur).

There is much more that can be said about Imam Yahya’s first Juma lecture that was less than an hour long, and given that, there is much more that can be said about the concept of Tawhid in general. I’ll let you take it from here, as the Muslim community looks forward to the second part of Imam Yahya’s Juma series.

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