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Virtual World: The Metaverse as a Virtual World

The Metaverse is essentially a virtual world where you can interact with people and have an augmented reality experience!


Author: D. Sylla

Table of Contents #

What is the Metaverse? #

In layman terms, Metaverse is a shared imaginary place, made available to the public through fiber optics network. It’s essentially a virtual world where you can interact with people and have an augmented reality experience!
Meta (formerly Facebook) announced the launch of Metaverse which according to Zuckerberg is embodied internet. The company’s mission, brand and even apps remain the same, however, the introduction of advanced technology will be the predicted game changer with an in depth focus on connecting with people, with the ability to bring anything physical into meta – screens will be hologram and soon the physicality of things will become extinct.

Why is the metaverse the next tech revolution? #

Just like the advent of Cryptocurrencies brought about a new era and a revolution in the financial industry built upon technological innovation, Metaverse too is a game changer but on an even wider scale. With tech giants & CEOs (Facebook & Microsoft) lining up to get in on the action right off the bat, the next tech revolution that metaverse is offering definitely seems to be a promising one.
There’s also the introduction of quest headsets under meta where while making privacy a priority, one gets to be in a shared physical space, virtually. This will also help pave the way for more opportunities, workwise and other, and so, exclusivity for all.
In addition to this, Meta is a presence platform where one feels connected at all points in time through the launch of hand interaction in VR under interaction SDK. Furthermore, the expected launch of project Cambria will introduce the world of advanced VR, an avatar with natural eye contact for every individual, a rather realistic virtual reality with inculcation of more and intense sensors through true augmented reality glasses, also termed as project Nazare.
Crypto companies, online gaming, and digital assets broadly could also benefit from the metaverse taking a leap forward, with or without Meta. One clear winner could be online gaming platforms and marketplaces that use non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as in-game tokens and collectibles.

List of metaverse crypto coins to watch and why they could blow up #

The metaverse’s market size is predicted to go as high as $800 billion dollars by 2024 signifying just how lucrative the metaverse could become as we move forward, according to Bloomberg. As the Meta mania took over, MANA came top, with SAND, ENJ, and gaming giant Axie Infinity (AXS) next in line.
Sand and Mana are quite similar and have great potential, as they facilitate the purchases of land, as well as virtual goods and services used in Decentraland. Decentraland is basically a blockchain-based VR platform where users get to buy, sell, and develop land, all while creating content, playing games, and simultaneously interacting with each other.
Enjin on the other hand allows individuals to make and sell NFTs in the virtual land. Whereas, Axie is a play-to-earn platform that allows gamers to earn real money while playing games online. All in all, their value exists in their compatibility with the Metaverse and they’re all definitely coins which have great potential for the future!

List of metaverse stocks to watch and why they could be a good investment #

As of December 2021, there are quite a few stocks that due to their relation with the Metaverse have the potential to blow up. However, among them the most notable are: Meta Platforms (previously known as Facebook), Microsoft Corporation and, Roblox Corporation.
As briefly discussed above, Mark Zuckerberg is playing a vital role in Meta so it’s quite apparent why Facebook (now Meta) could blow up due to Metaverse. Secondly, we have Microsoft. Microsoft has started production of a Mesh for Microsoft teams, a product that is supposed to aid in creating the virtual world. Lastly, there’s Roblox; which is essentially a company on metaverse that allows individuals to play games in the virtual world of Meta and even create new ones!

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